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Bird photography tours in Costa Rica

Bird photography is an art and as an art requires time, patience, and knowledge of the subject: THE BIRDS AND OTHER WILDLIFE. The local help with the last one is fundamental.
That help can range from basic tasks, such as driving to get you to the perfect spot to capture where the Owl perches every afternoon, to more complex situations, like multi-flash bird photography in the highlands where the background, flash settings, and even the flowers we use as bait plays a fundamental role on getting that perfect picture. Because it doesn't matter if you are professional photographer or not – perfection matters, and with Juan Diego it goes in every detail.
We have put together two types of tour approaches. One is an all-birds-possible approach to photographing an area. This is best suited for the photographer who wants to get as many species as possible in his or her lens, with special attention to specific bird species (i.e. hummingbirds of cloudforest, toucans in the lowlands, Quetzal in the highlands) of each area. The second approach is for the photographer who prefers to stay with the same birds until he or she gets the perfect shot and the right angle. The difference in the approaches relates to how much we move from site to site and the duration that we stay at feeders or use trails.

Every bird, every feather...  

a Birder that likes photography.

Little feathered jewels...

a Photographer that likes birds

Background photo: A pair of Collared Aracari feeding on Bananas on the caribbean lowlands

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