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Not just tours.... experiences!

Full birding/bird photography day 

Rates per person 2022-2023

4 people                         US$ 83

3 people                         US$ 101

2 people                        US$ 138

1 person                        US$ 250



For $50 USD additional we can include a 4x4 car with guide/driver and fuel for the day


Rates per person 2022-2023 (groups)

+8 people                        US$ 53

7 people                         US$ 58

6 people                        US$ 64

5 people                        US$ 70



For $150 USD additional we can include a 14-seats van with driver and fuel for the day

These rates are per person and include: 

- Personalized itinerary according to your preferences,

- Juan Diego as your private specialized local guide with Spotting Scope, playback sounds system to call birds when this is need it and laser pointer to help you on finding the birds before they fly away.

- The day will start at 5:45 AM at the hotel reception of your choice in the area of Arenal, Sarapiqui (La Selva) or Boca Tapada (Laguna Lagarto area). 

- The day will be over at 5:45pm.


- Transportation (can be arranged upon request)  

- Meals.

- Long-distance pick-ups to hotels away from the northern part of the country

- Overnight expenses

- Other services are not included and can be arranged on request.

Background photo: White Hawk (Pseudastur albicollis) at Arenal Volcano area, Costa Rica

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