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Not just a guided tour.... unique experiences!

Birding experience in Northern Costa Rica

Arenal, Caño Negro, La Selva and more

Encompassing habitats from smoky volcanoes to seemingly endless wetlands, five sites in Costa Rica—Caño Negro, Maquenque, Tenorio and Arenal Volcano—offer some of the Neotropics' finest birding... in a delightfully small area.

Volcanoes, Motmots and Hanging Bridges

birding tour in Arenal

Arenal Volcano area, La Fortuna and Children's Eternal Rainforest.

Cuckoos, Clouds and Sounds

Tenorio National Park (Blue River waterfall), Heliconias Lodge hanging bridges and environs

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Bitterns, Wetlands and Boat Rides

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and Medio Queso wetland

La Selva, Macaws and Rainforest

La Selva Biological Station

Roadside birding around La Selva


The perfect angle... the most colorful subject

Boca Tapada, Laguna del Lagarto Lodge. Photo workshops.

On photos:

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